Is Volkswagen Passat a good car?

Volkswagen Passat

The Volkswagen Passat was first introduced back in the 1970s and after five consecutive generations and an equal amount of facelifts, the VW Passat is going out of production after more than 29 million units sold worldwide. Does this beg the question is Volkswagen Passat a good car?

The fact of the matter is that the Passat is one of the best VW models of all time. The reason why VW decided to ditch the Passat sedan is not that the car is bad, but rather because the Arteon is a better looking Passat. All Passat models are known to have great engines that balance power and efficiency effortlessly.

Design-wise, the Passat has always been a more subdued-looking limousine made for those who want to enjoy a premium experience without standing out as much. The suspension and chassis of the Passat are both tuned towards comfort and ease of driving.

The Passat has always been a fairly reliable car, but the latest Passat models are the best. The most common issues are listed below, but you should not worry all that much. The Passat can be had in virtually every price category while practicality is as good as it gets in a four-door sedan.

## VW Passat – The powertrain

The last three generations of the VW Passat come with similar gas engines starting from 1.4L units and moving all the way up to 2.0L 4-cylinder units. Power is ranging from 122hp and goes up to 288hp for the most powerful models. The Passat is also known for its 2.0L TDI diesel engine which seems to be the most popular one in Europe and the UK.

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The VW Passat is an efficient car which means that the most efficient Passat models should be able to do about 45MPG while the diesels can do close to 60MPG. The Passat is the best when paired with a dual-clutch gearbox while other Tiptronic models are decent, but nowhere near as refined.

Moreover, a perfect Passat needs to have the VW proprietary 4MOTION AWD system which makes sure that you are safe in every type of environment. The entire driving experience is characterized by smooth acceleration, effortless pull, and general ease of use.

## VW Passat – Design and chassis

The VW Passat has always been the quiet sedan while the Audi A6, the Mercedes E-Class, and the BMW 5-Series are the shouty ones. However, the latest Passat models seem to look arguably better than some of these three which means that VW has made the newest Passat to be as good as its more expensive rivals.

Where the Passat falls short is the interior because it looks way too similar to the VW Golf and preceding VW Passat models. The VW Passat is also heavily dependent on the option packages you go for which means that it can look both amazing, and rather cheap.

The driving experience is cushioning which means that the Passat strikes a decent balance between quietness, comfort, and overall driver feedback. The Passat does no isolate you as much as the A6 does, but some people prefer this as they feel more in command of the vehicle.

## VW Passat – Reliability and common issues

The VW Passat is also a reliable car, especially the newer models. Older VW Passat models have had their share of issues, especially the mid-2000s models. All in all, the most common VW Passat issues are issues with the engine timing system, the MAF sensor, faulty fuel injectors, and steering system clocksprings.

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Early to mid-2000s Passat models seem to be the most problematic ones, while the latest Passat generations seem to be the best. This is because the latest Passat is only a continuation of the last one which means that many issues have been ironed out through many models years that came before it, except for the clocksprings.

## VW Passat – Value and practicality

You can get a VW Passat in pretty much every price category which makes the Passat such a popular car on the 2nd hand market. The latest Passat is a true luxury car, but it is dependent highly on the options you go for as entry-level models lack even the most basic premium features such as parking sensors or leather seats.

The VW Passat is a tremendously practical car which means that it can pack all of your stuff without any issues. The seating space is also plenty which means that anyone interested in buying a Passat could easily use it as a chauffeuring car.

## FAQ Section

### Which VW Passat is the best?

The latest B8 Passat generation is the best Passat of them all because it is finally able to rival the likes of the Audi A6, the Mercedes Benz E-Class, and the BMW 5-Series, but only if you go for a highly specified model. The B8 is the most reliable, most advanced, most comfortable, and safest Passat of all times.

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Given the fact that the Passat is going out of production this year, it means that this B8 generation is likely going to hold its value very well. As such, now it’s a great time to consider one if you hadn’t already.

### Why is the VW Passat ending production?

There are a few distinct reasons that come to mind when it comes to why VW decided to ditch the Passat. Firstly, the Passat sedan is going out of production, but the estate is staying because the majority of European customers prefer the estate over the sedan. Furthermore, the Arteon is now shaping up to be the flagship VW sedan.

Finally, SUVs and crossovers are becoming so popular that brands are now focusing most of their attention on making better and improved SUVs. This inevitably means that sedans will suffer.

### Is the VW Arteon a better VW Passat?

Substance-wise, not really, even though it does look way more appealing. The Arteon is essentially a reshaped VW Passat which means that it is not made on a standalone chassis. The interior is identical, the engines are identical, and the overall shape and size are almost identical.

These two are way too similar for them to both exist, and that is likely why the Passat is just going to be available as an estate.

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